Reset Week/Month 1 Flag

Use this wizard to automatically adjust employees’ tax code week/month 1 (Period 1 Flag) setting. This function eliminates the need to adjust employees’ week 1/month 1 settings individually.

The wizard has one page, which requests the payroll template. Only employees attached to this payroll are considered for adjustment.

Click Run, and click Yes to confirm you want to continue. All employees in the selected template whose week/month 1 identifier (Period 1 Flag) is currently selected, is cleared. For employees where the Period 1 Flag check box is already clear, no change is made to the setting when you use this wizard. After you run this wizard, to confirm the setting of the check box has been changed from selected to clear, you can look at the status of the check box for a selected employee by clicking HR Record > Payroll Details > Details. The Period 1 Flag check box is on the NI & PAYE tab.

The standard auditing procedures are fulfilled as if each tax code is changed manually.