Apply Grade

Use this wizard to apply changes that have been made to salary grade values or apply an incremental scale point increase to employee records, or to analyse potential salaries. You can use the function against one employee or one or more salary grades.

This wizard has 10 pages.

On page 1, select either One Employee or One Or More Grades, and click Next.

If you select One Employee, page 2 is displayed. Select the employee to be updated. The last employee you worked with is displayed as a default. To select the employee, click and find and select the employee. After you specify the employee, click Next. Page 6 of the wizard is displayed.

If you select One Or More Grades, page 3 is displayed. Select a single salary grade from the drop-down list, or leave the field blank to process all salary grades. Click Next. Page 4 is displayed. Decide whether to apply the update to sub-grades of the grades you selected on the previous page. A grade is defined as being a sub-grade if the field Salary Grade (below Maximum Salary) is entered against that grade in Personnel > Terms and Conditions > Salary Grade. Select the Include Sub Grades check box if you want to include sub-grades, or leave it clear if you do not want to include them. Click Next.

Page 5 is displayed. Decide whether employees are to be given an incremental scale point rise. Select the Increment ? check box  to move up each employee by one point on the scale of the grade they are associated with, unless they are already on the top scale point of the grade, or leave the check box clear if you do not want to process an incremental scale rise. Click Next.

Page 6 is displayed. Select the review date at which the values are to be taken for the particular grade and scale point on which the employee’s salary is to be based. You can set up the review dates displayed in the drop-down list by using Personnel > Terms and Conditions > Salary Review Date. Click Next.

Page 7 is displayed. Type or select the Effective From date of the salary change. This is the date at which the salary change is considered to have taken place. Note that this date can affect backdated pay awards if you also use the Payroll application. Click Next.

Page 8 is displayed. Select a reason for the salary change from the list. This is optional. You can set up the reasons displayed in the drop-down list by using Personnel > Terms and Conditions > Salary Change Reason. Click Next.

Page 9 is displayed. Decide whether bar dates set against employees are to be applied. You can set a bar date in the Salary Bar field of a selected employee on HR Record > Employment > Employment History > Terms. The date specifies that the employee should not receive any salary adjustments until the date has passed. Select the Ignore Bar Dates check box to ignore any bar dates against an employee record, so the employee receives the salary increase. Alternatively, leave the check box clear if you do not want to ignore bar dates. Click Next.

Page 10 is displayed. Select Apply to apply the changes to the relevant employees, or select Analyse to analyze the potential new salaries. Click Finish. You are asked to confirm you want to continue with the updates.

The process looks at all active primary and active employment history records for the relevant employees. The employee’s new salary is calculated using the salary grade, scale point, and whole time equivalent from the employment history and the salary value for the relevant review date of the salary grade and scale point.

If you choose to apply the salary, the resulting salary is visible on the employee’s salary history window (HR Record > Employment > Salary History), as well as being available for reporting from the HR record and the employment history files. You can also confirm an employee’s changed salary by viewing the employee’s HR card (summary details). The new salary is also used as the basis for any payroll payments based on the employee’s salary.

If you choose to analyse the salary, you can view a report for the resulting salary by clicking Queries in the software desktop, and selecting the Apply Grade table in the Personnel module.