Holiday Carry Over

The Holiday Carry Over wizard can be used to carry forward unused holidays, optionally capped.

Specify Holiday Allowances

Select the holiday allowances to be carried forward, this will typically be all holiday allowances.

From Date

Enter the start date of the holiday year that contains the unused holidays.

Carry Over

Select the holiday allowance that will be created where an employee has unused holidays to carry forward.

Days Cap

If the number of days carried forward should be limited, enter the number of days to cap here.  Leave this field blank if there is no limit to the number of days holiday that can be carried forward from the previous year.

Start Date

The holiday start date of any holiday allowance records that will be created.  The From Date plus 1 year is assumed.

For each employee, the system will

  • sum the number of days holidays within the selected holiday allowances that have a start date equal to the From Date entered
  • subtract holidays that were taken that year
  • if there are any days holidays left, and the number of days exceeds any cap that has been applied, a new holiday allowance record will be created with a start date equal to the Start Date entered.