Payroll Code Rate Changes

Use this wizard to update the unit value of a selected rate type payroll code, for all existing entries in the working file for the current pay period. This assumes that any existing entries for the current pay period have been entered incorrectly and contain a unit rate that requires changing. Wherever possible, the default unit rates should be changed in advance of using the payroll code so that the correct rates are implemented when the transactions are created. However, this is not always possible and therefore you should use this wizard.

You must complete three pages of information before you can run the wizard.

Payment / Deduction

Select a single payroll code to review. Only rate type payroll codes are listed. This is a mandatory field.

Nature of Change

You use the second page of the wizard to describe the nature of the change to the unit rate for the payroll payroll code you select on the first page. Select one of the following three options:

  • New Rate. This assumes that the new rate has already been changed on the payroll code definition and that you now require that rate to be imposed on all entries in the working file (for this payroll code only). The current default rate is displayed as confirmation.
  • Percentage. This option allows a percentage increase in the value of the unit rate because potentially a single payroll code can exist in the working file with a number of varying rates of pay. This facility enables all the variances to be amended. A non-zero percentage value must be provided if you select this option.
  • Specific Value. Two unit values are required to proceed with this option. If an entry exists in the working file for the selected payroll code with an identical From unit value, this is changed to the To unit value. Any other transactions that do not meet both of these criteria are eliminated from the process.

In each of the circumstances described above, the number of units already present on the transaction is multiplied by the newly attributed rate to calculate a new payment or deduction value. A separate calculation process will have to be performed to revise the Gross to Net pay calculation.

Recurring items also ?

The final page of the wizard asks if any fixed or recurring payments/deductions are to be changed as well. Any definitions of the payroll code held against an HR record to harbour slight variances or provide default entries in the working file each pay period can also be adjusted in accordance with the criteria defined on the previous pages of the wizard.

After you click Run and provide confirmation, the proposed changes are implemented.