Block Days

The Block Days wizard allows you to assign an absence record to a group of employees.  This would typically be used to allocate bank holidays or Christmas breaks to all or a group of employees.

  1. Personnel > Functions > Utilities > Block Days
  2. Select the query that contains a list of the employees that qualify for the block booking
  3. Next
  4. Select the start date of the block booking
  5. Next
  6. Select the end date of the block booking
  7. Next
  8. Select the type of absence that is beeing booked
  9. Next
  10. Select a sub heading for the absence that is being booked
  11. Next
  12. Optionally enter a description
  13. Next
  14. Run

This will create an absence record for each employee on the qualifying query, if the employee would normally have been working on that day.

Repeat as necessary for each block of days to be booked.