Criminal Records

Use this window to record the status of any checks that are required into an employee’s Criminal Record which may, for example, be required for employees working with children.

Creating a Criminal Records Bureau record

The Type of the check may be entered or selected from a lookup of the available Types to select from. This is maintained in the Personnel – Employment Definitions menu.

The application will go through a series of stages and the Status can be used to record the current status of the check. If the Criminal Record check is linked to the employee’s Activity Record, then it can be selected from the drop-down list. This is for cases where the employee may hold more than one position within the organization and need a CRB check for only one of the posts.

Two free format References and Description can be assigned. The Destroyed field holds whether or not the documentation relating to the check has now been destroyed.

The fields Application Date, Sent to Employee, Returned by Employee, Sent to CRB, Returned from CRB, Clearance Received and Completion Date can be entered to monitor the movement of the check through its various stages.

The Planned Destruction Date and Actual Destruction Date fields display when the documentation is to be destroyed and when it was destroyed.

The Verified section holds information about the various different areas being checked and the date on which these checks were performed.