Events Workbench

To access the Events Workbench, go back to the Staff Development Menu and select Events Workbench.

To find the relevant event from a list of events, select Search. This window enables you to search for events via a number of options ie event ID, event name/reference, event provider, dates, etc…

 New Event

You can also create a New Event in this section in the same way as an event is created in the Training Needs section. Again, any events created for employees will automatically be updated on their HR Records.

Training Event

Edit allows you to amend the Training Event details (eg times, candidates, etc ..).

You can also input additional cost information here including estimated costs for training related expenses etc…

Open the Event Creation box and select Edit and then Attendees. Select New > Costs > New and input the estimated costs as relevant.

Completed Event

Once the Training Event has taken place you need to manually edit the event to indicate that it has been completed.

Select Edit and under Status select Completed and then Save. You are automatically given the option to update employee’s HR records by selecting Yes.