Adding filters to your query

You can limit the information displayed in your query results by adding criteria to your query.

The left pane displays a list of available fields. You can add a filter to any of the fields in the table you select as the basis of your query, or to the fields in the HR record, regardless of whether the fields are displayed in the results.

The right pane of the window displays a list of criteria that is applied. Initially, it is empty.

The following criteria are available for filtering:

Equals (=)

Does Not Equal (<>)

Less Than (<)

Less Than or Equal (<=)

Greater Than (>)

Greater Than or Equal (>=)


Begins With

Ends With

One Of These


Not Between

For example, to see a list of uncertified absences, your filter criterion would be Certified Does Not Equal (<>) Y, which is displayed in the right pane as follows:

Certified <> Y

Click Save to save your filter criteria. The filter criteria is displayed in the right pane:

To further refine your results to uncertified sickness, add the following:

Absence Type Equals S

and click Save.

Select any unwanted criteria and click Remove to delete it from the list:

A comma is used as a separator for list of values a field can take. Therefore, to see a list of certain departments, your filter criterion would be Department Is One of These 01,02,05:

You can enter dates as a fixed value, such as 01/01/2000, or as a variable.  When you select a date field, the right pane displays a list of predefined date variables, such as Today, Week Start, and Next Week Start.  Rather than defining the correct date each time the query is used, the system calculates the required date on the fly when you select the query.

After you finish entering your filters, click Finish.