Cost Centres

Use cost centres, also known as payroll categories, to group sets of employees together. All employees must be linked to a category, which is linked to a template that holds details about the frequency of the payroll — such as weekly or monthly.

You can link all employees to one category, which is linked to a single template.

For example:

Category Template
Employee 1 Monthly Monthly
Employee 2 Monthly Monthly

In more complex scenarios, you can separate employees into departments:

Category Template
Employee 1 Humanities Monthly
Employee 2 IT and Computer Science Monthly

You can use a category to create a subset of employees within a payroll, which can then control issues such as regular payment profiles and general ledger integration.  In this way, the category acts as a means to control the cost centre integration to the general ledger.


  • New, to create a new cost centre.
  • Edit, to change the details for the selected cost centre.
  • View, to view the details for the selected cost centre.

For information about the details you must enter to define the cost centre on the Details tab, click  here.