Prepare Submission

Use this wizard as many times as necessary to run the Prepare Submission process, until you are satisfied that the end result is ready to send to HESA. Part of the process may involve running HESA’s validation toolkit, which is another method of grooming the data and is a more thorough data check than the integrity check function. The toolkit checks the validity of codes, taking into account nuances specific to your organization. Therefore, using these toolkits can be seen as the “fine-tooth comb” stage of the data checking, and the integrity checks are the initial rough examination.

You can also run the Intergity Checks function within the software to get a basic set of validation.

Year Reference

Type the year reference, a two-digit number in the format 01-99. For example, type 06 for the year 2006. This year reference forms part of the file type identifier that is created at the start of each submission file.

Destination File Name

Type the full path and filename of the output file. For example:


Alternatively, you can select an existing file. Click , browse to the file, and select the file. The existing file is overwritten with the submission results from this run.

Click Finish to run the process. The submission file is created.