Increase salaries for all employees

There are times when you want to increase salaries across the board for the employees in your organization. How you increase salaries depends on whether your organization uses grades and scales.

To increase the salaries when your organization uses grades and scales:

  1. Create the salary review date.
  2. Create a new set of scale points for the salary review date, by using Uplift Salary Scales in the Payroll module. You might want to increase salaries by a percentage, or by a value, or both.
  3. Increase the salaries by applying the changes to the scale values, by using Apply Grade Changes in the Payroll module. You can increment the scale point for employees. Instead of applying the increase to salaries, you can choose to analyse the effect on salaries and view the results in a report, before you decide to apply the increase.

To increase salaries when your organization does not use grades and scales:

  1. Increase the salaries for numerous employees by using Global Salary Import.

If you want to increase the salary for one employee, you can use HR Record > Employment > Enter Salary or Personnel > Utilities > Apply Manual Salary  or Payroll > Functions > Apply Manual Salary.

NOTE: When you use the Payroll module and there are post-dated increases to salary, which can occur depending on when you increase salaries from a salary review date, employees are owed back pay as a result of the salary increase. In these circumstances, you should use the Payroll > Functions > Backdated Pay Awards wizard to award back pay to employees.