Process P46s (Starters)

Before you process P46s (Starters) for the first time, ensure the P45 parameters are set up.

Payroll Details

When you are creating P46s, the employees to be included can be specified either by choosing a single employee, by selecting a range of dates, or by looking for employees who have been marked as requiring a P46 on the Other Controls tab of their HR Record window (HR Record > Payroll Details > Details > Other Controls).

If an employee is marked on the HR Record window as requiring a P46, a field is available to enter which statement of present circumstances is true for the employee. This is the what you would previously have entered in the ‘Present Circumstances’ area of the paper version of the P46.

P46 Submission

You create the file for transmission by using Payroll > Pre Printed Stationery > P45 Print.

The first page of the wizard asks which type of return is being created. Select P46.

On the second page, you must select the template to be used in order to create a file for internet returns from the drop-down list of those available. You should select the template which you set up for P46s. Refer to Set up Transfer Templates for P45s and P46s for more details.

The third page asks you to specify how the employees to be included in the return are to be identified. The options are:
  • By date range – the process will pick up all employees who are in the payroll template defined on the next screen and whose start date is within the range entered on the final two screens.
  • By individual employee selection – the process will pick up the single employee selected on the next screen.
  • By Payroll Details flag – the process will pick up all employees who have been marked as requiring a P46 in their payroll details record (see above).

After you select the employees, you can click Review to see who will be  included in the print / submission.

Finally, click Run. A message is displayed that asks if you want to proceed. Click OK to prepare the file and submit it to the Gateway. If the submission is not successful, a list of errors is shown and you can go back to the individual employee’s records and correct the details before submitting again.