Set Up

Before you run RTI submissions for the first time you must set up the following:

  1. Update your software to the current version. Ensure you are running version 2.6 or above. Click upgrade your software for details.
  2. Enter your HMRC Accounts Office Reference. Select Payroll > Definitions > Module Setup > Template. Select the Gateway tab. Enter your reference in the Tax Office section Accounts field. You can find this on your  P30B letter ‘Paying PAYE electronically’ or the front of your P30BC Employer Payment Booklet. It will be in the format 123PA00045678.
  3. The HMRC will eventually match the data sent on your BACS submission with the data sent on your RTI submission by using a BACS hash code included in both submissions. To do this they require your company’s bank information. This is only required if you make payments by BACS using a unique ‘Service User Number’. Select Payroll > Definitions > Module Setup > Bank. Click New. Enter your company’s bank details including the Sort Code and Name. Select Payroll > Definitions > Module Setup > Template. Select the required Template and click edit. On the Features tab, select the correct Company Bank code.
  4. Enter Transfer Templates to describe the four new formats of files which are created by the software to send to HMRC. Select Payroll > Definitions > Module Setup > Transfer Template. Click new and set up four transfer templates as follows:Transfer Template     EPS                        FPS                        EAS                     NVR
    Description                  RTI EPS XML        RTI FPS XML        RTI EAS XML     RTI NVR XML
    Type                               RTI EPS XML        RTI FPS XML        RTI EAS XML     RTI NVR XML
    Data                               blank                      blank                      blank                   blank
    Function                        blank                      blank                      blank                   blank
    Filename*                     c:xxxeps.xml        c:xxxfps.xml         c:xxxeas.xml    c:xxxnvr.xml
    Invoke                            blank                      blank                      blank                  blank

    *When the software creates an RTI file to send to HMRC it will give it the name entered in the Filename field. The filename should always have the suffix .xml and a suitable secure folder should be selected to create the file in. The filename description above is just an example.Check that all employee data is correct (names, dob, NI Numbers, addresses).

  5. Check that all employee data is correct (names, dob, NI Numbers, addresses).
  6. Enter the additional employee information required for RTI. For each employee HMRC now requires some additional information. This is held on a new screen as part of the employees HR Record. Select HR Record >Payroll Details>Real Time Information