Use this tab to specify the details for a cost centre.

You must click Save to save the details on thistab before you can define the defaults on the Defaults tab.


Type the unique code for the cost centre. You can enter a maximum of five characters.


Type the description for the cost centre. You can enter a maximum of 30 characters. This appears on reports and enquiries to identify the category.


Select the template from the drop-down list to link the cost centre to the template. This is a mandatory field and you can select only one template for each cost centre.

Timesheet Entry

If you use timesheets, select the method of timesheet entry from the drop-down list.  Select:

  • Yes, to enable the use of the payroll entry screen for input
  • No, if you do not use timesheets
  • Claims, to enable the data to be retrieved automatically from the contracts system, where this is used.

Payroll Input

For information about the details you must enter to define the defaults on the Defaults tab, click here.