Create a new HR Record menu structure for a user group

To create a new HR Record menu structure for a user group:

  1. Click System Setup > Housekeeping > User Group – HR Record Group Options. The User Group – HR Record Group Options window is displayed.
  2. In User Group, select the name of the user group for whom you want to create the HR Record menu structure.
  3. In Group, select the HR Record group for which you want to assign menu options.
  4. In Functions, select the function you want to be available as a menu option in the group. Select the function and click << Select to move it into the selected group. Repeat this step to add all the menu options to the group. To remove a menu option from a group, select the group, select the menu option, and click >> Remove to remove it from the group.
  5. To arrange the order of options for your selected group, select each option in the group and click Move Up or Move Down until the option is in the position on the menu that you want.
  6. To set view-only access for a menu option in a group, select the option in the group, and click Permissions. The Function Access window is displayed. Select Enquiry Only from the Access Permissions drop-down list and click OK to close that window.
  7. Click Save to save your changes.
  8. Click Close to close the HR Record Group Options window.

All user groups that do not have any menu options assigned to any HR Record groups that have been created use the default HR Record menu structure and menus.