Budget Management

This page gives you an overview of all estimated and actual expenditure relating to Staff Development activities and should be used for overall budget planning and management activities.

The costs of individual events should usually be input when an event is created. All of these costs including any overspend will then be shown in this Budget Management page.

To check expenditure, highlight the relevant course and select Revise. This action calculates the costs associated with every budget for a selected year.

You can edit existing cost information by highlighting the relevant event and selecting Edit. You then have the option of amending cost details including estimated and actual expenditure figures.

You can also create new budget management information by selecting New and opening a Budget Maintenance box where you can fill in the details of the course type, code and cost details.

(Note the year automatically defaults to the current financial year.)

To review expenditure for a specific year, type in the date (ie 2009) in the blank box next to Selected Year. This will show all staff development expenditure for the chosen year.

To view all staff development expenditure for every year, select All Years.