Define or change access to the menu options for a user group

To define or change access to the menu options for a user group:

1. Click System Setup > Security Access > User Group – Menu Option Access. The Menu Option Access window is displayed.

2. In User Group, select the name of the user group for whom you want to define menu access. The modules are listed in Module / Group. System Setup is selected by default and its default menu groups are displayed.

3. To display the groups for a module, select the module. For example, to see the groups for the Personnel module, click Personnel in Module / Group. The groups for Personnel, such as Employment and Your Organization, are displayed.

4. In Module / Group, click a group. For example, to define the access for the Employment group, click Employment. The menu options and associated windows (forms) for the Employment group are displayed in Forms – Personnel / Employment.

5. To define access for a window, select the window, and select either Full Access or No Access from the Access drop-down list. Full Access displays the menu option on the group’s menu, so the users in the user group can display the window and view and update data. No Access hides the menu option, so it is not available to the users in the user group. For example, to hide HR Record Status in the Employment group of the Personnel module, click HR Record Status and select No Access from the drop-down list. You can select the Toggle All on/Off check box to grant Full Access to everything listed for the selected group option, or clear the check box to set No Access to everything.

6. Click Save to save your changes. You must save any changes you make to the selected module and group before you select another module and group to make changes.

7. Click Close to close the Menu Option Access window.