Reviewing PSP(Y) Journals in PSF

The following describes how you can locate and review a PSP(Y) Payroll Journal which has been posted into PSF.

Log in to PSF

Select “Document Enquiry…” from the “Options” menu, or alternatively, click on the big Purple “D” on the toolbar.



Selection Criteria – Specify Payroll Journals Only

On the “Selection Criteria” screen, change the “Types” drop down to “Equals”, and enter the Document Type “PSPY”.


You can enter further filters to view documents posted by Date, or by Accounting Period, or to restrict to only the most recent documents.

If the Payroll Document does not exist in Books, then it may have been posted to Hold.  To see if there are Payroll Journal(s) in Hold, simply

Check the “Hold” box at the bottom of this selection criteria screen.
Click “OK” to view the selected Payroll Journal(s).