TOIL – Time off in lieu

TOIL can be either Accrued or Used.  The employee will need to Accrue TOIL before they can Use it.  TOIL can be broken down into different types, for example Overtime, Personal Time and can be set to expire, after which the TOIL cannot be used.


Whether the record is TOIL accrued or has been used against TOIL that was perviously accrued.


A way of categorising the TOIL, for example Overtime, Weekend.

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If the Type is Used, the TOIL record from which to deduct the time.

Date/Start Time/End Time

The date on which the TOIL was either accrued or used


The number of hours to credit or to debit.

Expiry Date

Optional, the date on which the accrued TOIL expires, and after which it cannot be used.


On an accrued TOIL record, the hours that remain unused.