Setting up an Employee as a Portal Administrator

Portal Administrator can change the text content of the Portal pages, add document links and add pages to the Portal.

Note: This is a role which is usually only assigned to members of the HR/Payroll/IT team.


To access this section, your linked Window Application account must have Administrator access.

To link a Windows Application account to your HR Record:

Select HR Record HR Record Personal Details.


Line Managers will already have this section filled in with an automatically generated account created by selecting Line Manager in HR Record Employment Duties.


To Edit the access level of these accounts, open the Windows Application and enter your System Administration Password.

Select a User and alter their Access Level.


Note: Altering a Line Managers access level will prompt you to create a Password.

If this user is only ever going to access the system through the HR Portal, then this Password will never be used.

The Password the Line Manager is set for the Portal is different to the one set on their Windows Application account.

Set this Password to something secure and do not give this Password out.