Auto Enrolment Set Up

Set Up Auto Enrolment

1.Set Up Pension Status

Select the Payroll > Definitions > Module Setup > Pension Status window.

There are a set number of predefined pension statuses of which Active is the only pension status which will result in a pension calculation during payroll processing. All other statuses are used for reporting and queries. You can add your own pension statuses.


Active                             live pension scheme

Eligible– opted out      for an employee who has opted out of auto-enrolment

Not Eligible – Age        for an employee who is not eligible due to being under the age limit

for auto-enrolment (currently 22 years)

Action Required          to bring attention to a employee’s pension where some

changes may be necessary.

2. Add a qualifying Query to the Pension Scheme

You can enter a default Qualifying Query and Status for each pension scheme on the Payroll > Definitions > Module Setup > Pension Scheme. This information is used by the  Pension Auto-Allocate function to assign a pension scheme to all employees who fulfil the qualifying query and assign the pension record it creates as the default status.