The Responses Tab allows viewing and management of subsequent Actions and Sub Process that might trigger following on from the parent Action that is currently being viewed or setup.

Action Responses Tab

Pressing the New button opens the Responses selection window.

Responses Selection Window

The next Action […] soft button allows the selection of any Action that has already been configured on your system.

The Next Process […] soft button allows the selection of Any Process that has already been configured with a When To Start setting of Sub Process.

Checking the “use this response when the action has been performed ?” box, ensures that the Response selected will automatically perform once the parent Action has completed.

Leaving the box unchecked will make the Action or Sub Process available for selection as an alternative to the parent Action.

Selecting and performing alternative Actions or Sub Processes requires that the Parent Action is Performed by the workbench.

When the parent Action appears in the Workbench users can press the Intervene button to select and perform an alternative Response.

The intervene Button is presented in the Actions Tab of the Workbench