Importing Data

You can import data into most areas of the software from CSV files using the Authorisation Centre. This is an import and holding area where data can be imported and, if required, authorised before updating your live files. You can use this to import new records or to amend information on existing records as it provides a quick and simple method of making bulk changes.


Click System Setup > Authorisation Centre Workbench.

There are two types of record the software holds for your employees:

1. HR Record

– Holds personal information and current job information for your employees. There will typically be one HR Record per employee.

Each HR Record must have a unique code, which is referred to as the Employee Reference.

2. Other Files

– In addition to the employee’s base HR Record, you can import information such as AbsencesEmployee HistorySalary History, Appraisals, etc. You may have many of these records for each employee.


You can also import Candidate Related Information for the Recruitment Model.