When to Start

This defines when the process occurs or is reviewed and an action is potentially created:

When Requested / Scheduled

The action would not be performed straight away but awaits manual initiation. For example, rather than instigate an email when an absence record is created, a query could be defined to select all absence records where the end date (i.e. the last day of absence) is between 2 fixed dates such as the start and end of a week or the start and end of a month.

At a scheduled interval, such as every Monday, this workflow query would be examined and for all entries contained within the results the appropriate action would be instigated. This allows a certain element of control to be implemented if you have concerns over timing of the work flow activities. (Please consult the documentation on the Query module on how to implement variable dates such as TODAY, WEEK_START, WEEK_END etc.)

A Requested/Scheduled process can be run as a one-off or repeated at regular intervals.

The process will initially be invoked by the Start  button at the bottom of the page and then, if it is not a one-off process, subsequently be run as part of the start of day processing on the Next Action Date at the bottom of the screen. This date is revised each time the process is run in accordance with the Diary Rule described to the left of the Next Action Date, so it could be set to run, for example, every Monday morning.

A one-off process is only run once when the Start command button is used. This could be used, for example, for once a year processing such as HESA/SIR returns. The action in this case could be the production of a personalised returns pdf form which could then be emailed to all employees included in the HESA return.