Workflow Document Tab

A document action is one where some kind of output document is produced. For example, a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, a Microsoft Word mail merge, a Crystal report or an Adobe Acrobat PDF document. This type of action could be used to set up the workflow system to produce weekly analysis reports or to create HESA return forms which can then be sent to the employee to be checked and returned as part of an email attachment in a subsequent action.

Query Reference

The instructions regarding which records are to be selected along with how the output is to be created are defined within the software’s Query system. This should include the selection criteria and the output definition. If it has already been created then the required query can now simply be selected from the drop down list. If the query does not yet exist, selection of Browse will present the wizard to create Queries.

Alternative Selection

In the majority of cases the software’s Query will provide an effective method of selecting the information required for the report/document and the Alternative Selection will usually not be required.

However, should a complex circumstance occur whereby a more comprehensive selection is required then the selection can be manually entered here in the body of the text in standard SQL format. Some technical assistance may be required to setup this type of selection.

File Names

The final output from this action can be defined in either of two ways. Firstly, it can be set up on the software’s Query itself as part of the export process. In this has been done then the file names should all be left blank and the output details will already have been defined.

Alternatively, the workflow can take control of the output and combine it with macros, batch files or word mail merge templates to create the final output.


This is the name of the file which will be produced by the software’s Query selected and will contain the data resulting from running the query. In the majority of cases this will be a .csv format file and an interim stage for the next process but it could also be the final result. There may only be a requirement to view the data using, for example, Excel.


This is the name is the macro, batch file or mail merge document which combined with the Create file will produce the final document.

Use (Attach)

The final output from the processing is given the filename specified here. The filename may be made unique to the individual function by incorporating a variable into its name, For example using the unique sequence number, SEQ_ID, assigned to every process within the software. If variables are included in the filename then they should be surrounded by < and >. For example, c:tempHESA<SEQ_ID>.doc

Register the Created Document on the HR Record

If Yes is selected, the final document will be registered against the employee’s HR record. It can be viewed as an attachment on their main HR record screen or as an attachment to the function to which it applies. For example, a copy of the printed receipt could be attached to the issue record.