Revising employee holiday allowances

Employee holiday allowances that have been created by the system can also be revised by the system when there are changes such as a new holiday year or terms and conditions changes.

Before starting a new holiday year, the year start will need to be changed. Click here for more information.

So that the Revise Holiday Allowances wizard can be run, ensure that the ‘Revise allowances for the CURRENT and NEXT years’ checkbox has been selected in System Setup > Housekeeping > System Definitions > Absences. 

The re-calculation can then be run from Personnel > Absence Functions > Revise holiday Allowance.

Revised holiday allowances will be allocated to the employee depending on the holiday allowance selected in the employment history record.

You may also need to Allocate any additional holiday allowances such as long service days and bank holidays. Click here for more information.