Carrying forward unused holidays

The Holiday Carry Over wizard, which can be found in Personnel > Functions > Utilities > Holiday Carry Over, will calculate the number of days holiday that were not taken from the previous years allowance for each employee, can carry them forward to the current year, optionally capped.

Holiday Grade will need to be set up with the correct dates in order to store the carried over values.

Then access the Holiday Carry Over function via Personnel Functions.

On the first page, select each of the Holidays Grades that are to be analysed for untaken holidays.

On the second page, enter the date of the previous holiday year, (i.e. the year that is to be analysed for untaken holidays). Click Next.

On the third page, enter the Holiday Grade against which the carried out holidays are to be stored. Click Next.

On the fourth page, you can enter a cap on the number of days/hours that are to be carried over. Click Next.

On the fifth page, enter the date of the new holiday year, (i.e. the year that in which the carried over days are to be stored) is to be analysed for untaken holidays. Click Run. Confirm that you want to continue with the process.

The system will then carry out the following process:

  • A check is made as to how many days holiday that employee took in the old time period, and any time not taken will be accumulated as carried over days, up to the number of days/hours defined in Cap.