Set up the Occupational Maternity Pay Schemes

In order to use the Occupational Maternity Pay, the schemes need to be set up.

Click Occupational sick>Module definitions>Occupational Sick & Child Care Scheme

A. Click new, enter the details for the scheme, under the scheme type ensure you select child care and click Save:

B. On the Progression tab, in Payroll Code, select the employee payroll code that is replaced.

C. In Replace With, select the Occupational Maternity Pay – Full code.

D. In Duration, type 182 calendar days as the allowance period.

E. In Offset, select Yes.

F. Click Save, and then enter the details for Occupational Maternity Pay – Half payroll code and save the details.

Set the scheme order

You set the scheme order by selecting Occupational Sick > Module Definitions > Priority. In this example, this step is not necessary, because only one scheme is defined. However, ifyou had more than one scheme, you would set the order for the schemes, by listing the highest first, in descending order.