Set up sickness absence records

When you use Occupational Sick to adjust employees’ pay or to produce reports, you must accurately record employees’ sickness absence. When the system finds dates for sickness absence in the current pay period, it uses them as part of its effective date processing to prorate employee pay.

To create a sickness absence record for an employee:

  1.  Select the employee.
  2.  In the employee’s HR record, select Personal > Absence Entries.
  3. Click New.
  4.  In Absence Type, select the description for the sickness absence type. The code associated with this description must be specified as a valid code in Automated Sick Pay – Valid Absence Codes on the Sickness tab of the payroll module definitions. You can create absence codes on the Absence Type window in Personnel > Absence Monitoring > Absence Type.
  5.  In Absence Analysis, select the code for the type of absence. The description for the absence code is displayed. You can create absence analysis codes on the Absence Analysis window in Personnel > Absence Monitoring > Absence Analysis.
  6.  Select the start and end dates for the period of sickness in Start Date and End Date.
  7.  Click OK to save the absence record.

For occupational sickness, you can inform the system of employees’ sickness if you do not have any sickness absence records. For detailed information, refer to record occupational sickness without any absence records.