Set up payroll definitions

You must set up the specific payroll definitions for Occupational Sick before you can use it.

To set up the definitions:

  1. Select Payroll > Module Definitions. The Parameter Controls window is displayed.
  2. Select the Sickness tab.
  3. In Automated Sick Pay – Valid Absence Codes, type the absence codes you use when you record sickness absence entries for employees. Separate each code with a space. You can create absence codes on the Absence Type window in Personnel > Absence Monitoring > Absence Type.
  4.  Under Occupational Sick Pay, in End Day Number OR Period End (0), type 0 or the day in the month after which the system assumes the employees return to work. If you type a day number, such as 20, the system pays employees full pay from the 21st. The day you specify is typically the payroll cut-off date. If you type 0, the system assumes employees are off sick until the end of the pay period (on a monthly template, the end of the month) and pays them the sickness pay to which they are entitled. If you leave this field blank, the default is 0.
  5.  Click OK to save your changes.

For detailed information about the payroll module definitions you can set to control the functioning of the Payroll module, refer to  Module Definitions.