Implementing Occupational Maternity Pay

To set up Occupational Maternity Pay for a specific HR Record, ensure that the schemes and payroll codes have been set up, then choose the specific HR Record and follow the Occupational Maternity Pay wizard.

Select: Payroll > Functions > Child Care

Page 1 – select the employee then click next.

Page 2 – choose the type of child care payment based on the options displayed then click next.

Page 3 – enter the date of confinement.

Page 4 – enter the estimated average weekly earnings for the selected employee. If the system has enough information then an estimated value will be provided automatically although you may choose to amend this.

Page 5 – enter the tax period in which the first payment is to be made, alternatively you can nominate to use the date of confinement, and then click next.

Page 6 – Based on the criteria provided on the previous pages of the wizard, a proposed profile of statutory payments has been created, click next.

Page 7 – choose the relevant child care scheme and click next.

Page 8 – if you want to offset the statutory payments against those calculated for the Occupational Scheme, choose the appropriate option from the dropdown list.

Then select Run.

The payments will then be automatically transferred to the relevant HR Records working file.