Setting up Passwords for Multiple Users

Create a csv file of your users and their passwords.


Create a file of the passwords to be imported into the software.

The file should be in a csv format and contain two columns: the software’s Employee Reference of the user and their Password.

It can be called anything but should be saved as a csv file. For examplePortalpasswords.csv.


You can create this using Excel:

Or using Notepad:



– If you have a lot of user passwords to set up, you can create a Query to provide a list of Employee Reference and Names as a starting point.

– Remember to Delete the Names column before importing.

– You could select a unique item of data which is individual to the employee to be their initial password. For example, their NI Number.


Import this file


In the software, select System Setup HR Portal Update Mobile Passwords.

Use  to select the file you created.

Click Run.