Amending the Filter for Drop Down Items on a Form

Amending Forms


Go to System Setup > HR Portal > Form Builder

This is the location of all HR Portal forms. Generally, when entering a description for a form, a naming convention should be followed (as outlined below).


Form Naming Convention


All forms are prefixed with either “SS” (Self Service) or “AU” (Authorised User) i.e. “SS – Claim Overtime (Submit)”. This is mostly dependent on whether the form is for a user viewing employee records/submitting a record on behalf of an employee (an Authorised User or Line Manager), or viewing/submitting a record against themselves i.e.submitting an annual leave request.

This is then followed by a description of the purpose of the form i.e. “Claim Overtime”.

The description is followed by the Form Type. If the form is view only the description is suffixed with “(View)”. If this is an update form then “(Submit)”.


Filtering Drop Down Items


In this example the filter will be changed for the overtime claim form. When the employee submits and overtime claim the available options for Pay Codes that pull through for the Payments/Deductions drop down need to be changed.

In the search box type “SS – Claim Overtime (Submit)”.

Select the relevant option/form that appears and click the Edit button.

In the Data Items group box you will notice two lists, “Available” data items, and “Selected” data items. The Data Items in the Selected box are those that will appear on the form in the Portal.

In the list of Selected items click “Overtime Type (F)” (Payment/Deduction field with a custom field name), then click the Edit Item button.

The items highlighted in the Filter Values box are those that will appear in the Portal. Filter the relevant items by selecting (highlighting) and deselecting the appropriate items.

Click Finish and then Finish again to save your changes.