Installing An Amended Crystal Report

The following steps will be required to import the amended Crystal Report:

  1. Store the report format xxxxxx.rpt included with this mail onto your PC.
  2. In the software, access Maintenance from top menu bar, and scroll to Printing, Report Maintenance.
  3. Scroll to System Default Reports, Personnel, Payroll.
  4. Scroll to find the report that you have been issued.
  5. Click + to expand the entry.
  6. This will display Report Templates.
  7. Click + to expand the entry.
  8. This will display one entry for each current report type that can be run from this option.
  • To overwrite an existing template – highlight the entry for which you have a new format and click Edit.
  • To create a new template – highlight the line Report Templates and click Add. Enter a Name and Description.

9. Click next to file name and point to file stored in Point 1 above.

10. Click OK to store details.