Process P14 P35 Internet Returns 2009-2010

To process your year end online you will need to take the following steps:

1. Set up a Transfer Template to create the submission file.

2. Set up the Gateway Parameters within the Module Defintions screen.

3. Set up the Gateway Parameters within each Payroll Template screen.

4. Set up the Contact Details within each Payroll Template screen.

5. Create the Year End submission file.

6  Check the submission file using the HMRC EOY Validation Tool – Desktop Checker.

We strongly recommend that you use the Inland Revenue’s own PAYE EOY Validation Toolkit (also called the Desktop Checker) to perform a more comprehensive check of the submission file before sending it. This will perform a thorough check for invalid and missing items of data eg NI numbers with the wrong format, NI accumulators which are over the limits, etc. It can be downloaded from the Inland Revenue website.

Alternatively, you can contact our support desk who will run the Desktop Checker through your submission data for you and report back any errors.

7. Send the Year End submission file to the Gateway.

Note that by setting the Gateway Test flag to ticked on the Payroll / Module Setup / Module Definitions / Gateway tab you can repeat steps 5 to 7 as many times as you wish until you are satisfied with the content of the submission.

Important. When sending the final live submission the Gateway Test flag should be unticked and a new submission file created (step 5) before sending (step 7).