Create and submit P35 P14 annual return 2011-12

Before you run the year end submission for the first time:

  1. Set up a transfer template to create the XML submission file.
  2. Set up the gateway parameters in the Module Definitions window.
  3. Set up the gateway parameters in each payroll Template window.
  4. Set up the contact details in each payroll Template window.

To create and submit a return:

  1. Create a submission file.

    This process creates the file, but does not send it to HMRC. Refer to Create the year end submission file  for details.

  2. Check the information in the submission file.

    To help you check the file, HMRC provides a tool called the Local Test Service.This checks for invalid and missing items of data, such as NI numbers with the wrong format and NI accumulators that are over the limits. Click here for a link to HMRC’s LTS, which you can download, install, and then use. You might need some technical assistance to install and run LTS. Alternatively, you can contact Jane Systems’ Support Desk and we can test the submission file by using LTS and provide you with a list of any data errors it finds.

  3. Send the submission file to the government gateway.

    You can repeat steps 1 and 2 as often as you want before you send the final submission to HMRC. Refer to Send the year end submission to the gateway for more details.

    IMPORTANT. Before you send the final live submission, ensure you clear the Gateway Test check box (click Payroll > Module Setup > Module Defintions > Gateway and clear Gateway Test) and create a new submission file before you send it.