Setting up an Alternative Authoriser

You can set up an alternative authoriser to the line manager on the portal by following these instructions. This would be used to give another member of staff the ability to authorise transactions in addition to the employee’s own line manager, for example, an office manager or school administrator authorising on behalf of a head teacher.

1. Set up a User Group

First, set up a user group in which to add the alternative authorisers. All users in the this group will have their data access restricted by their location i.e. they will only be able to see the records of employees in the same location as themselves.

1.1. Create the User Group

System Setup > Security Access > User Groups.

Click New and enter a unique code and a description.

Description could be “School Administrators”, “Alternative Authoriser”, “Office Manager”

Click OK and exit.

1.2. Restrict the User Group Data Item Access by Location

System Setup > Security Access > User Group – HR Record Option – Data Item Access.

Select the User Group set up in 1.1 and click HR Record.

This populates the window on the right with all the data fields you can use to define access restrictions.

Scroll down the Data Items list until you find Location* under the Title column.

Enter the following text into the Restrictions column (including the angle brackets) on the same row as Location*:


This will restrict the access of anyone in the user group to only see employees in the same location as themselves.

Click Save.

2. Create the user record

Create a windows application user record for the employee you wish to make an alternative authoriser. Restricting their access by User Group will restrict their access by location.

Open the windows application at the login screen.

Enter your administrator password, leaving the User ID field blank and click OK to bring up the Administrator Functions. Your system administrator will have been issued this password when your system was orginally installed.

Select the Users tab and click New.

User ID                                     Employee Reference of the User

Password                                 used for logging in to the window application.

Enter a dummy password if this user will only be accessing the portal.

Name                                        name of the user / employee

Access                                     Authoriser

User Group                              select the name of the User Group set up in 1.1 from the drop down

Menu Options                          User Group

HR Record Options                 User Group

Data Items                                User Group

Companies Allowed               select the relevant companies the user will have access to.

Default Company                    set the Default Company for the user.

3. Link the User Record to the Employee HR Record

Now link the user record you have just created to their employee HR Record so that data item access is applied.

HR Record > HR Record > Personal Details.

Select the HR Record of the alternative authoriser.

Set HR Application User to the User ID you set up in 2.